Monday, April 18, 2011

Weekend Victories

How was your weekend? Hopefully there were a lot of victories! I was very pleased with my eating habits this weekend.  It is very hard for me to stay on track during the weekends because I work at a catering company.  I have learned to bring my own salad dressing and take advantage of the good fruits and vegetables available to make a hearty salad.  I am surrounded by fried, buttered, oiled, and fried again foods, it is so difficult to keep away from it all.  I have to remember that while it looks appetizing now, it is going to give me extra calories and push me further away from my goals.  Keep at it, and remember that today is a new day and you get to start fresh.  Make the right choices and choose healthy treats.  Protein shakes are great because you can make them with all different kinds of ingredients.  I love having a protein shake for dessert because I know that it is helping to shape a better me.


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