Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Fruit-Flush 3-Day Detox from Jay Robb (Day 1)

Last night I was on the Jay Robb website checking out "The Jay Robb Plan" which contains 3 steps: Shape Your Thinking, Shape Your Eating, Shape Your Body.  Under the eating portion of the program, I came across a detox developed by Jay Robb.  I've been frustrated lately because I have had intense cravings for sweets and carbs, and this detox claimed to help with these kinds of issues along with many others.  The Fruit Flush 3-Day Detox book only costs $5, and you get the book instantly with the download, I figured what do I have to lose?!  I bought the book, and was really excited to start the program.

Today I started the detox, and I have to say that it's not bad at all! I've tried other detoxes before and they were less than pleasant, but this one I might actually enjoy!  The plan has you eating often, to keep you from being hungry, which was my biggest concern because I hate feeling hungry!  So far, everything seems to be working well.

Check out the Jay Robb website for more information jayrobb.com.


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