Tuesday, May 3, 2011

The Vitamin Code

Are you taking a multi? If not, you should be, and I'm not talking about chewing one of your kids' gummy vitamins.  Everyone should be taking a multi-vitamin everyday, but because there are so many to choose from it may be difficult.  I too was confused about what I should be taking.  There are many store brand vitamins that seem "good enough", but do I want to settle for less than best? NO! My mom (p.s. mom knows best) introduced me to Garden of Life Vitamin Code multi's and I haven't used another brand since!

(Photo property of GardenOfLife.com)

If you visit their website you can see the list of ingredients they put into their multi, and you will be in awe.  The makers at Garden of Life have done an extraordinary job of creating vitamins to fit both men and women for all age groups.  (Psst... and they have chewable vitamins for children)  Jordan Rubin has created an exceptional company that offers tremendous amounts of wholesome products.  

You can find these great products at your local Vitamin Shoppe 
Vitamin Shoppe Store Locator
Through the Garden of Life website


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