Friday, March 8, 2013

My Acne Cure

Hi guys,

It's Friday!! I am so excited that the weekend is finally here. I wanted to make this video for anyone who is suffering from acne.  I suffered with it, and I still get occasional break outs, but I wanted to share some of my tips and tricks to fight it.  If you are looking for a more natural approach, this is for you!  I am not an expert, so these may not work for everyone, but they are what helped me.

My Tips & Tricks:

1. Heredity- this is the biggest factor that you cannot control, and unfortunately you will have to wait this one out!

2. Don't touch or pick at your face- THIS WILL MAKE IT WORSE! I know that it is annoying to have white heads, but if you pop them, I have noticed that it will spread.  When you pick or "pop" them, you are also damaging your skin and you will leave hyper-pigmentation or scarring behind.

3. Wash your face 2x per day

4. Watch what you eat! - I know there isn't a lot of science to back this up yet, but I know from personal experience that there are trigger foods in my diet that will cause me to break out.  Here is a link that will explain it a little more.

5. Drink water - water is the best way to detox your body!

6. Stay away from caffeine - caffeine actually dehydrates your body causing your skin to look bad.  Also, most people do not drink coffee black, there is added sugar, artificial sugar, and/or cream or milk that would be a cause of breakouts.  Take it out of your diet and see what happens.

7. Clean your pillow cases!  Make an effort to clean your pillow cases at least once a week, it may help.

8. Try a free & clear laundry detergent - many laundry detergents contain dyes and perfumes that can be irritating to the skin and may be a source of breakouts for some of you.

9. Stay away from shampoo, conditioner, & body care products with sulfites, sulfates, and parabens - there are so many places that carry these types of products, you can even get them at Wal-Mart example: Burts Bees, Alba Botanica.  I am currently using Vitabath from Ulta, and it smells like cupcakes, yummy!

10. Buy products based on your skin type - It's ok to take advice from someone who has similar skin to you, don't just buy random products, you will waste time and money, take time to research a little bit.

11. Purchase makeup that is acceptable for your skin - Make sure you read packaging! There are a lot of ingredients that can clog your pores, look for OIL FREE & NON-COMEODOGENIC

I hope this helps some of you!!



Unknown said...

Love this post!! I suffer from random acne issues it used to be alot worse throughout uni but i find drinking alot and i mean A LOT of water has helped me. Also i eat a lot of raw foods which i personally think has helped out. New follower!!! I'm off to check out your youtube x

Lesa Mitchell review site said...

There are foods that have been known to cause acne. Among them would be foods that are very high in fat, beverages and sweets with a high amount of caffeine, dairy, and, yes, sugar

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