Thursday, December 8, 2011

Sugar sugar, ah honey honey

Maybe Winnie was onto something...

If you haven't used honey lately, now is a good time to start.  Honey offers many benefits including: improvement of skin, hair, cholesterol & diabetes, and healing of wounds. It's a cough suppressant, boosts the immune system, and the list goes on and on.

Did you know that honey can be used as an antibiotic because it kills bacteria?  

Honey is an excellent alternative to sugar, just bee (sorry I couldn't help myself) careful that you don't add too much, as honey is packed with calories.  If you want some healthy recipes using honey, check out:

The obvious way to use honey is to consume it, but it can also be applied topically.  I use honey on my skin, the only downside is the stickiness, I love the way it makes my skin feels and I notice the difference it makes the next day.  Did you know that honey can be used as an antibiotic because it kills bacteria? If you suffer from acne, like me, honey may be a good treatment for you because it draws the bacteria out of the acne sore!  I find it best to put the honey on at night and leave it on when I sleep.  If you want something less sticky check out this video from make-up artist Kandee Johnson

Let me know what you think.  How has honey benefited you?

Benefits of Raw Honey:
Eggs-cellent Mask:
Honey as an antibiotic:

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Melissa said...

p.s. I just did the egg-cellent mask and wow! my skin looks and feels amazing! I suffer from acne, so this is a good mask for me.

Nature's Valley Girl said...

I have been looking for some new alternatives for beauty products. Honey has helped me with brightening. Olive oil has helped with mild acne too!

Melissa said...

I'll have to try olive oil, do you just apply it directly to your face and leave it on for a while?

My People said...

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Unknown said...

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